Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote in meatini,
Andrew Trembley

The Inaugural Recipe...

No shit, there I wasn't. I'm reconstructing this from the drink-addled memory of the friend who was there.

Bologna Daquiri

  • several bottles of rum
  • lots of lime juice
  • a few packages of strawberries
  • some bananas
  • lots of simple syrup
    (several bottles of daiquiri mix can be substituted for lime juice, strawberries, bananas and simple syrup)
  • lots of bags of ice
  • a package of sliced bologna
  1. Invite a bunch of friends over for a daiquiri party
  2. Make a lot of frozen daiquiris and drink them
  3. Run out of strawberries (or strawberry daiquiri mix)
  4. Run out of bananas (or banana daiquiri mix)
  5. Run out of lime juice(or classic daiquiri mix)
  6. Comb the kitchen for other things to mix with the remaining rum.
  7. Find the package of bologna
  8. Place 3 oz rum in the blender
  9. Place one slice bologna in the blender
  10. Add 1/2 cup ice
  11. Blend until slushy
  12. Pour into a plastic cup
  13. Drink while too plastered to know better
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